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the path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell...

this road never looked so lonely...

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"If I were invited to a dinner party with my characters, I wouldn't show up." - Dr. Seuss

the journal

Hello! This is rarity's 'other journal' (e.i her 'fandom journal'). Writing outside fandom can range from the impersonal (creative exercises included) to the very, deeply personal. Please respect the author's write to write it and post it here, and do not spam and flame the content no matter what it is. There are things of a darker nature present in both personal and fandom writing and if it's not your thing, ignore it.

Please use respect when commenting.

the disclaimer

All of the characters, places, and other recognizable things are not mine, but they belong to their respective and legal owners. No copyright infringement is intended. If they were mine, I wouldn't be a poor fast food worker now would I? If, by chance, there is a fic about real people, it is a work of pure fiction and do not indicate any romantic relationship between the pair.

the rules

- do not alter/change the icons in any way.
- textless icons are not bases.
- if you want something changed, merely ask me and I'll my best to fullfill the request.
- credit in keywords or comments.
- do not try to pass them off as your own. I will find out and then you will have to deal with my wrath.
- do feel free to friend me.
nc-17 writing

Some of my writings are rated NC-17 for mature, adult, and sexually explicit content because I am over the age of 17 and am allowed to both view and write the rating. If you are the age of 17 or younger, then I beg you not to read it. I am not responsible if you do since all my writing is clearly rated, but don't read it, please. I do not to be put in a position that I am supplying a minor with NC-17 content since that is not my intention.

I'll be adding when I find them. Any questions, feel free to ask!
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