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Title: untitled
Author's Notes: All my poems are not fanfic and are personal.

Clandestine meetings under a navy blue sky
With a layer of mist to cast an unearthly glow
As the moon shines with a rainbow aura
No stars nearby to break up the colors
Breathing in the watery air as the liquid
Coats the ground and evaporates beneath you

The sound of their voice is familiar and comforting
It's a song that you know all the words to
With a lovely rhythm that's all it's own
As the wind blows cold it's the warmth to you
The words surprise you and touch you deeply
Until you look away as you think and wonder

Laughter falls so easy filling the empty places
That are hollow and vacant inside you
In the deep and hidden recesses of who you are
With a lasting smile until the darkness creeps in
No matter how hard you try to dance in the light
And in their glow of happiness that radiates

Shining from within they proclaim they won
Their own version of the battle you're in
Stuck between who you are and who they see
Who you want to be and who believe you can be
With confidential insights and friendly acceptance
You almost believe you can be victorious too

Demons that have haunted you for over a decade
Enclosing you in darkness and loneliness
While making you believe no one would understand
As you skirt around people to never get too close
To never feel vulnerable and pretend to be strong
But you're as weak as the water you stand in

A weak one who creates their own madness
With sanity of the dark and black sadness
But savor the moments of comfort and acceptance
Of voices as melodies and laughter as medicine
And you start to believe that you aren't alone
And you start to believe you can have your victory

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