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Title: A Private Person
Author's Notes: All my poems are not fanfic and are personal.

'You're a very private person,' is what they say to me
Time and time again like it's an undeniable truth
But maybe the truth isn't as simple as it seems to be
Maybe you don't know me the way you think you do
Maybe the truth is buried beneath shadows and light
With smokes and mirrors waiting to be broken through
I listen to your troubles and to your problems with an open ear
But when was the last time I revealed a hurt or a pain?
When did I ask you to stop listening and actually hear?

'You're a very private person,' is what they say to me
But do you really want to hear what I want to say?
Perhaps I'm not as simple and sweet as I seem to be
Do you think you could handle what's truth behind
my sweet and comforting words and everything I say?
Or are you happy in your ignorance and being blind?
Do you care if I have doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams?
Would you even care if I broke down in front of you and cried?
Would you hear me if I cried out or if I just screamed?

'You're a very private person,' is what they say to me
But you really want to know what I'm thinking?
Do you really want to hear who I someday want to be?
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