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Title: pain's worth
Author's Notes: All my poems are not fanfic and are personal.

what do you do when nothing is good enough?
what happens when the light at the end of the tunnel
seems more like a train coming toward you instead?
was all the pain and tears and all the times you bled
worth the aftermath and outcome when you look at yourself
and all you still see is someone unworthy and unwanted?

words of worth and caring run meaningless through your ears
for there was years and years that all you felt were your fears
you release the pain through more pain just wishing for a meaning
you just want a sign that you are alive and that you are good
you want to know that you please who you were with
and that you aren't buying into some hyped up myth

you want to be prized and cherished but feel worthy in yourself
you want to feel and see something in the marks that are on your flesh
that is more than just a shadow left from the unwanted pain and tears
since you accepted this pain with honor and relinquished your fears
and you bear the marks in hopes that you are truly worthy of them
and that you made the giver proud and pleased that you are theirs


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